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​​​​​Lisa Welsh, Owner/Instructor

​Lisa Welsh, M.S., has trained since she was four in classical, jazz, modern, contemporary, safety release technique, hip hop, funk styles and improvisational movements. She obtained her B.A. in psychology with an emphasis in child development and M.S. in human resource development. In addition to her school of dance for children, adolescents and adults, Ms. Welsh has taught dance in local preschools, private and public schools and colleges. She continues to pursue her relationship with several instructional and performing arts centers as an independent dance professional. She has owned and directed her dance studio, First Position Dance Arts since 1990.

Recent performances include:
Philly Fringe Festival
Swarthmore College
Eastern University
NBC's Wednesday's Child

Choreographic credits:
Music video- BFF
Philadelphia Fringe/Live Arts Festival- 2006 - 2012
Harlem Globetrotters Halftime performance- 2004 – Present
Sixers Pre-game and Halftime performance- 2015- Present
Haverford Middle School Musical Theatre productions- 1999 - 2005
Haverford High School Lecture/Demonstration- 2003 - Present
Temple Owls Halftime 2016
Eastern University

Ms. Welsh has also formed a non-profit Indigenous Pitch Dance Collective. IPDC
serves children who have suffered a natural and/or a socio-economic disaster.
7 years in NOLA
2 in Haiti
4 and counting in North Philly

Her training in dance/fitness for adults includes:
Zumba (Toning, Gold, Kids, Aqua and Sentao/Chair)
Urban Kick
Personal Training
Barre Fitness (Corre Barre)
Aerial Techniques
Heels Funk

Ms. Welsh is currently an adjunct professor at Eastern Univ.

She teaches Dance and Education Majors Rhythm & Movement for Children and Methods & Techniques of Dance Instruction. 

Joshua “J Peazy” Polk (Dynamic Dimensions Dance Team for middle and high school dancers/must take summer intensive and audition)

Joshua Polk (internationally known) is well rounded in every style of hip hop and funkstyle dance and has much experience on the theatre stage as a director, choreographer, and performer. He is also a very inspirational teacher and workshop leader. In early 2003, Josh and three other members formed the company “Faceless Entertainment”. Together they explored the history and sought to gain full understanding of the hip hop dance culture. Later Faceless united with IIladelph Phlave and became what is known today as one of the hottest hip hop and funk groups on the East Coast, “Face Da Phlave Entertainment”. Joshua recently traveled to Malaysia with partner Marcus Tucker. Recognized for his teaching ability, leadership qualities and jaw dropping showcases, Joshua was recently asked to be choreographer for several Artists such as Malaysian pop star “MiZZ Nina”. Through “MiZZ Nina”, J Peazy was presented with the opportunity to choreograph segments for Korean K Pop superstar JAY PARK. Polk plays a pivotal role in transforming the attitude towards hip hop in Malaysia and all other counties he has visited. Joshua dedicated his career to preserve and protect the foundation of the hip-hop community through performance and education. His mission is to eliminate the misunderstanding and ignorance of a brilliant subculture and return a new understanding to the hip hop culture on a larger scale.

Marcus Tucker

Artistic Director “Hood Nation”

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Marcus “Epic” Tucker is well rounded in all components of Hip Hop and Funk styles dance. Mr. Tucker is also highly qualified and experienced in the theatre arena as a director, choreographer and performer. He is an inspirational teacher and workshop leader.

The summer of 2001, Marcus was introduced to Clyde Evans Jr., Director of the Philadelphia based Chosen Dance Company. In 2003 Clyde Evans was asked to chose three of the best dancers in Philadelphia to do a Hip Hop theatre tour in England with Kompany Malikhiʼs "Hip- Hop story “. Marcus was selected based on his talent, work ethic and potential. In England Marcus met Judi McCarthy from Independence. Interested in his ability to teach and leadership qualities, Judi gave Marcus the opportunity to be in the driver seat. He directed and performed in his very own theatre show called "Heroes". “Heroes” toured the UK from March 2004 to August 2004 and May 2005 to August 2005. Following his tours, Mr. Tucker then became a member of a company called Funkstylerz UK. It was with Funkstylerz that Marcus was provided opportunities to perform with numerous artists such as singer Pixie Lott, one of UKʼs biggest international pop sensations. 

Marcus then returned to the U.S. and created the dance company, “Face da Phlave Entertainment”, alongside partners Andrew Ramsey and Kennith Thomas. Around the same time, Marcus was blessed to fulfill his original professional dream to perform internationally with the leading Hip-hop Theatre Company, “Rennie Harris Pure Movement”. Marcus is still a active performer in Rennie Harris Pure Movement’s programs and productions.

Mr. Tucker recently traveled to Malaysia with partner Norman “Shay” Williams, dancer and choreographer for Madonna. Through Norman, Marcus became a regular performer and artist for Madonnaʼs private parties and events. Marcus had been chosen to be the Hip Hop choreographer for several dance shows such as “So You Think You Can Dance Malaysia”, Season 2. He was also a Judge for 5 seasons on “Astroʼs Battleground”, Malaysiaʼs fist Hip Hop television show. He played a pivotal role in transforming the attitude towards Hip Hop and creating a phenomenal response to the show through each season. Marcus most recently collaborated and choreographed with Malaysian pop star “MiZZ Nina”.Through her projects, Marcus was able to collaborate and choreograph for American “Colby Oʼ Donnis, Flo Rida, Taboo of Black Eye Peas and Korean K Pop superstar JAY PARK. Marcus also choreographed and danced with Melissa Indot, Dennis Lau ,Chris Willis, Yolanda Be Cool and Havana Brown. 

Marcus has dedicated his career to preserve and share the history and foundation of Hip Hop and Funk styles through performance and education. His mission is to eliminate the misunderstanding of a brilliant subculture and provide a new understanding of the culture on a larger scale. Mr. Tucker does this through teaching, lecture demonstrations, videography, choreography and performances.​
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First Position Dance Arts
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